Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Girls Christmas

As most of you know, I have a GREAT group of friends. I met all of these ladies (Rhonda, Sarah, Courtney, & Traci) at the Treehouse Academy back in 2001. I'd say it's not often that people...especially girls, remain such good friends for sooo long. We have such a unique friendship... I guess it's really hard to explain actually.

Well, over the years things have certainly changed. We've seen each other through many a good times and bad, weddings and separations, and of course the babies. :) I personally have no intentions of ever living my life without these girls in it. As things have it, we've all kind of cities or states. I guess once you have your own family it's finally time to start concentrating on other priorities. But last year we all decided to celebrate our Christmas in September so we could be together with each other and both of the kiddos. Things get too hectic around the holidays with our families being in different parts of Texas to manage a weekend get-together.

Since last year was such a success, we had our 2nd annual Christmas in September this last weekend. It was fantastic of course! Jaxon is such a busy body, which is such a change from last year since he was only 6 months old. And Ava...she is as busy as they She is so beautiful! I cannot believe she will be 4 this Christmas. *sigh* Where does the time go?? The girls and kids came over about 3ish Saturday afternoon and I think we ate for about 3 We had a Mexican themed dinner on Halloween plates to celebrate our Christmas in September with what looked like a birthday cake that Courtney made for dessert...lmao Made perfect sense to us! :) Then the kids opened their Christmas presents and we just hung out for a few more hours, reading to the kids, watching movies and catching up.

OH...and Traci's mom wrote us the sweetest letter. We all just love and think the world of Mama Becky. I need to get my hands on a copy of that letter. It's definitely something to cherish...

I have some pictures that I will post on here from this weekend. Definitely come back to check them out.

And to my girls... I love y'all!! I'm definitely a happier person with each of you in my life.

Aunt Rissa
(aka..Aunt Wal-Mart)

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  1. I am prolly gonna need to know about Aunt Wal Mart! hahahahaha!