Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boats, Waves, & Snakes

So I had a very strange dream last night. So strange in fact that I must share!

I was getting into a boat with my mom and brother, along with a huge crew of fisherman guys...complete with a captain. I'm not sure why we were on this boat. Before we left the port, I noticed this HUGE ship next to us. It wasn't a military ship but just as big! I kept thinking "why is that ship not moving in the water" because I could see how rough the waters were up ahead. I knew that once we were out of the port and past the ship, that we would be in really huge waves that were about 40ft tall. Now, don't think we were in a bass tracker b/c we weren't. I think it was huge deep sea fishing boat, but still.... You would think that we would have life jackets on since we were just sitting on the front of the boat, but no, we didn't. I also kept wondering about that too. AND somehow we managed to stay dry throughout this whole fiasco.

So anyways... Finally we were out of the big waves and the captain was yelling about all of the fish they just caught. Everyone was happy. So we thought...

Me, mom and bro went inside the boat to use the restroom. When we came back to the deck we were under trees. Still in the ocean but under trees, in a swampy mess...hmmmm My mom looked at the captain and gave him the latitude and longitude of our location (120 and 3) I will say that usually she doesn't know things like that off the top of her head but like I said, this was a strange dream. She asked the captain if everything was okay and he said "don't make any sudden movements and don't look anything in the eyes." Now, those usually don't mean anything good is going to happen! Right after he said that, a boa constrictor fell out of the tree above me, wrapped itself around my arms and chest and proceeded to squeeze me to death. The funny AND scary thing about this is I woke up at 4:15 this morning with my arms tucked really close to my body and I was really tense like I was being squeezed. So I tried to relax a bit and then I feel back to sleep only to start right where I left off...(I hate that sometimes) So where was I...? Oh yeah... So I'm being squeezed to death, turning purple and all. What does my mom and bro do?? They go back inside the boat!! Yep, they left me! The captain told them he would take care of the problem. Then some of the guys on the boat started shooting the snake (keep in mind it is still wrapped around me) and chopping it with a machete.

Then I woke up!

Strange?? For sure.

Peace out,

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