Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Keeping Up

As I suspected, I think of all these great things to blog about and then I quickly forget them. So much to talk about since my last blog, which sadly was just last week. I have a couple topics to cover so I will keep them (Gotta keep 'em separated... Sorry, I had a moment there)

First topic: Home
I went home this weekend! For those that don't know me, home is Athens, TX. I don't go home nearly enough and definitely not as much as I would like. But as my grandparents are getting older I tend to go home more often. Friday night was GREAT! My mom, Cyndi, and I all sat around until about midnight playing Farmtown. I know, I know. Sad day! And yes, we are aware of the help we all need. :) What better family bonding than harvesting and plowing I spent Saturday doing the same thing until that afternoon and then I headed over to Caysie's house for a night out. Caysie is one of my oldest and bestest friends. She's now married and has two kids so we always plan something when I get back to Athens. Those weekends are usually filled with lots of laughter and lets face it, alcohol consumption. But this was my last weekend to drink beer as I will soon be training for some races. Zero calorie drinks for me here on out. I also met up with an old friend from high school days this weekend. It was so great to see him! Time will tell... Then Sunday, after only getting 2 hours of sleep we just kind of hung around the house and then went to Black Beauty Ranch to see all of the rescued - wild mustangs, elephants, monkeys and donkeys. But they were closed so we just drove around and drank coffee. :) All-in-all, it was a FANTASTIC weekend. I will say that my drive back to Dallas sucked! I was so tired, couldn't keep my eyes open so I had to pull over for a minute and wake up. YIKES

Second Topic: More to Love
More to Love is a show that started last night and is basically the same premise as The Bachelor. But instead of all of the girls being a size 2 (which they advertise as average women), it's made for the actual average women (size 12-14) and who have "more to love." Seeing that society already has a problem with bigger women, why make it more obvious by making a separate show? I guess you have to have one for skinny people and one for not-so skinny people. I just think it sends the wrong message to girls. But that's just my opinion and I will NOT be a part of those ratings...


  1. Haha, I like you friend! I'm glad you are better at keeping up with your blog than I am with mine. :)

  2. That was good friend!! made me laugh!

  3. LOL I'm just glad y'all read them. Stay tuned...

  4. Go Team ___!! Not sure if you wanted his name out there! ;) I still need a shirt. I can wear it when we run the races!! hehehehe! Great blog!