Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tear Jerker

I just wanted to share a moment I had last night.

I was watching So You Think You Can Dance last night and it was pretty much just a normal episode. Fantastic dancing and Ellen was a guest judge...which makes for a funny time. The second to last dance though was phenomenal!! One of the choreographers, Tyce, was working with two of my favorite dancers Melissa and Ade. The story behind the choreography was the love the man has for the woman who has breast cancer. I watched this dance twice and bawled thru both! It was sooo moving! All of the judges were floored and could barely get words out thru their tears. I think Nigel said it best when he said that this dance was the reason why he loves dance. You can get so many emotions from a dance with no words. Mary Murphy and Mia Michaels, more judges, were sobbing talking about how breast cancer has affected their life and thanked Tyce for bringing up the topic. Tyce, the dancers, the judges, the audience and of course me were all crying. It was FANTASTIC! I'm going to try to find a link to that dance and post on my blog because I think everyone should see it!! Stay tuned...


  1. I watched it too and had a tear even though they are not my favorite dancers.